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For B2B sales, cold email remains the KING of getting phone calls

How much money are you leaving on the table by not perfecting your cold outreach? It’s no secret that cold email is the absolute BEST way to get phone calls. The trouble is, when you get an email that looks clearly automated you shrug your shoulders and move on. At XF Media, we personalize every email we send. For every 100 emails we send on your behalf, we’ll get you 2-12 sales calls. 

More qualified leads

Get on the phone with more of your ideal clients. Your strong offer will do the rest of the lifting for you

More "You" Time

Imagine your life where you don't have to spend the time with cold outreach. All you have to do it pitch clients and deliver on your service

Grow your monthly revenue

No one wants to stay in the same place, growth always requires outsourcing. Outsource the stuff you don't like and focus more on the tasks that move the needle.

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